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March 24, 2012

Mui Ne beaches

Blessed with a long coastline, Phan Thiet boasts some best beaches in Vietnam. Running north to south of the district, there are continuous stretches of gorgeous sand, sun and sea, but only the north ones are recommended. Beaches south of Phan Thiet like Ke Ga or Ganh Son, albeit no less charming, are too dangerous to explore due to the hazards of quicksand and unexploded ordinance left by the war.

Mui Ne Beach
or Rang Beach is the magnet of Phan Thiet. It is a 16-kilomettre stretch of soft-white sand, turquoise water and endless sunshine. Gracefully shaded with coconut palms, Rang Beach describes the ideal beach in imagination of many people. It offers the very best conditions for swimming as well as some world-class surfing, kite boarding and windsurfing. You should not miss a stunning sunset on it also.

Ganh Beach or Hon Rom Beach stretches along Red Sand Dunes (called Suoi Hong) to Hon Rom village. The beach itself is pristine and even more spectacular than Rang Beach, but it is not a good idea to swim there. Large parts of the beach serve as a harbor for fishing boats nearly a half of year. In addition, there are dangers of strong rip tides. Just enjoy a relaxing stroll to savor an incredible sunset over the water or join a moonlit-night party on the shore.


Suoi Nuoc Beach can be found on the way from Red Sand Dunes to White Sand Dunes in the northeast of Hon Rom Beach. It is a long and secluded stretch of gorgeous beach. Unfortunately, it is not created with a relaxing backdrop with lush hills but a Sahara-like windswept desert. There is almost no one there except some shepherds and their cattle.

Ca Na Beach, lied 35km south of Phan Rang and 123km north of Phan Thiet, is one of Vietnam’s most beautiful beaches. The convergence of mountain, forest, sky and ocean creates its rugged scenery, which is yet to be awakened by human activities. The nearby Cau Island (Hon Cau) also has much to offer. Its sandy beaches retain a sense of rocky wildness with numerous outcrops in extraordinary shapes. The area has been proposed to be a protected marine zone in an effort to conserve its colorful coral reefs and a variety of fishes, mollusc, crustacean, etc. Hon Cau is becoming an ideal destination for scuba diving and snorkeling.

Mui Ne sand dunes are major attractions in Phan Thiet. These are artful creations of sun and wind. They change in shape by the hour and are diverse in colors, depending on the location. The Red Sand Dunes can be found on the coastal road off the north end of Mui Ne village. They are thronged with local tourists and children offering sleds for rent. It is fun to slide down the dunes with this means. Red Sand Dunes are worth a stop (for photographing) on the way to White Sand Dunes (Bao Trang), 65 km northeast of the city. These dunes are much bigger, quieter and more beautiful than the former. Colors range from gold, creamy to pure white. There are three lakes in the area, the main source of fresh water for the surrounding village.


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